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Case Study

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A new public realm experience

Case Study
4:21:12 12 January 2023

Transport For London’s Director of Commercial Development Graeme Craig’s brief to FreeState was to help the organisation ‘transition from being an absentee landlord to a proactive and energetic operator.’ 


Starting with TfL’s most prominent interchange at Baker Street, which hosts 32 million yearly passengers, our foundational framework aligns planning, licensing and activation across the whole neighbourhood, and allows for the successful commissioning and direction of the project’s key delivery teams for the next decade.


FreeState was commissioned to to deliver an experience vision for Baker Street, one that is visionary and actionable. At its apex sits TFL’s sense of purpose, as embodied by the DEVCO pillars. Being commercially astute, socially useful, community-led, and people-driven is the meaningful baseline for the vision of any TFL commercial development. 

With TfL now positioned as the most proactive of landlords, it will be the most extraordinary of places. Beautifully curated, an ever-evolving campus of rich activities, it will answer the needs and wants of a complex audience.


“We need to look at how we can
best play our part as long term
landlords capable of curating
the space for the next 20 years.”

Dan Lovatt
Head of Property Development

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