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Case Study

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Piloting a new station property and public realm experience

Case Study
4:21:12 12 January 2023

Covid-19 has laid bare the failings of our high streets and town centres. In doing so, it has highlighted the need for a raft of retail, leisure and hospitality changes once considered unviable or impossible. Use Class Orders are relaxed. Landlord-tenant relations have become more creative. Service – rather than sales – models are the order of the day. Overall, the crisis has proved the spark for a much more stakeholder-orientated approach, one that recognises the need for a co-created model of the high street for now, next, and decades to come.
Sitting in the middle of the venn diagram of key stakeholders – The Crown Estate + Heatherwick Studio + CBRE – FreeState’s market leading vision leads every step of the process – from business plan to architectural design to sales collateral.

With TfL now positioned as the most proactive of landlords, it will be the most extraordinary of places. Beautifully curated, an ever-evolving campus of rich activities, it will answer the needs and wants of a complex audience.

FreeState provided the framework and tools for making this happen. Crucially, it’s a framework that aligns planning, licensing and activation, and allows for the successful commissioning and direction of the project’s key delivery teams.

It’s a new way of thinking. It’s what we call the experience masterplanning process. It begins with people, imagines their ideal experience, and so allows us to design for a place that gets better and better with time. Let’s make it happen.

“We need to look at how we can
best play our part as long term
landlords capable of curating
the space for the next 20 years.”

Dan Lovatt
Head of Property Development

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