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We’re looking to hire a new Business Development Manager to join our vibrant team in London, where creativity meets strategy and innovation drives our mission to transform cities and spaces. All details here. We look forward to hearing from you!


For over 20 years, FreeState has worked with brand builders, city-makers, and place activators to inform their direction, projects, and culture.

Championing an ‘integrated thinking’ and ‘experience-led’ approach to effecting change, we work to improve the quality and strength of the relationships between a given organisation’s people, departments, and sectors.

We do this in three interrelated areas of work: we provide strategic advice, help design and execute pilot projects, and offer experience masterplanning training.

In doing so, we work with our clients to identify, create, and implement the types of experiences that bring their organisations together and so enable long term productive relationships – be that with their customers, employees, partners, or the communities they serve.