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Peace in Salvador

Dave Waddell and Adam Scott
1:26:45 17 February 2024
12°58'16"S, 38°30'38.99"W


We have seen the men in white and blue dance past us. The last few pass in dribs and drabs. My mother says something about going. My sister says she is thirsty. A man catches my eye. I notice that he has a can of drink in his hand and that his boots are white. He smiles and dances towards us. We bow for our necklaces and he holds and kisses the tops of our heads. His touch is light and brief and full of love. He smiles and I smile back and he leaves, dancing slowly away. I watch as he joins his friends and until I can no longer see him.


A staple at carnival time in Salvador, the Filhos de Gandhy or Sons of Gandhi ‘bloco’ finds its roots in a group of disenchanted Afro-Brazilian dockworkers identification with Mahatma Gandhi’s struggle. Peace is its stated message.    


Photo credit: Fabio Marconi.


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