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My first handkerchief

Dave Waddell and Adam Scott
5:15:40 15 April 2024
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It was 50 years ago to the day that I was given my first handkerchief . We had prayed and we had paid our respects to the dead and we had taken a boat across the waters. I remember a perfectly hot day and a blue sky, a square overlooking the straits, and eating fish. I remember the dancing and the alcohol and coffee. And I remember my father pressing a white handkerchief into my hand, the taste of the sweets it held, and reading the words – ‘Let us love, let us be loved’ – embroidered in one of its corners. I still have the handkerchief. It smells of sweets and of love.


In Turkey, the Seker Bayrami or Holiday of Sweets marks the end of Ramadan, the introspective austerity of a month of fasting replaced by the excesses of the banquet. 


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