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11: Bill Grimsey, legendary retailer

Bill Grimsey with Adam Scott
12:30:47 23 July 2021
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Today on the FreeThinking Podcast, we have Bill Grimsey, retailer with 45 years experience – from butcher’s boy to CEO of Wickes and Iceland. In 2012 he wrote ‘Sold Out: Who really killed the High Street’, and since then through his highly influential ‘The Grimsey Reviews’ he has been leading the debate on the future of the high street.

Bill talks about localism on steroids, practical steps to creating magnetic high streets, and his new review ‘Against All Odds’ on the importance of nurturing independent businesses which came out last week!

Listen to the eleventh episode with Bill Grimsey below, and subscribe to FreeThinking wherever you get your podcasts!



Adam Scott, Founder, FreeState
Bill Grimsey, CEO, Wickes and Iceland


Image credit: Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council/Ryder





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