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06: Natalie Slessor, on how Silicon Valley can inspire cities

Natalie Slessor with Adam Scott
1:46:50 31 March 2021
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We are thrilled to have Natalie Slessor – Head of Customer Futures for Lendlease as a special guest to Episode 7 of our FreeThinking podcast. Natalie is one of Australia’s few social psychologists specialising in the built environment – with a razor sharp focus on the future of living, leisure and work. She talks about how great place-making should start with the ending, the value of a cultural risk assessment, and how Silicon Valley offers inspiration to the city as the ultimate perpetual field test.

Listen to the sixth episode with Natalie Slessor below, or subscribe to FreeThinking wherever you get your podcasts!



Adam Scott, Founder, FreeState
Natalie Slessor, Head of Customer Futures, Lendlease


Image credit: Lendlease and Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners






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