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01: Roger Madelin. The idea of a new roaring twenties

Roger Madelin with Adam Scott
6:51:24 21 January 2021
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The book launch that turned into a podcast

Last week we shared some exciting news about the new book launch. Inspired by the great people we met working on that project we have something else to share… the launch of our brand new podcast series: FreeThinking, for City-Makers, Brand-Builders and Story-Tellers. In the first series, FreeState founder Adam Scott welcomes his heroes as guests to find out how they plan to reignite the post-pandemic city!

Our very first guest is Roger Madelin, Joint Head of the Canada Water Development at British Land – where he is creating the first new high street in 100 years! Roger is also the legendary developer behind benchmark projects such as London’s Kings Cross. Roger and Adam talk about the idea of ‘always meanwhile’ – the importance of facilitation (rather than over curation) – and the idea of a new Roaring Twenties!



Adam Scott, Founder, FreeState
Roger Madelin, Head of Canada Water Development, British Land


Image credit: British Land






Architecture for a post pandemic world



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