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31: James Boyce, Grumpy Sailor

James Boyce with Adam Scott
5:17:54 29 May 2024
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Today on the FreeThinking Podcast, we speak with James Boyce – Founder and CEO of Grumpy Sailor – Creators of adventurous, innovative and unforgettable experiences!
James speaks of the ‘Immersive Experience Industry’ – and using powerful examples from their work with organisations-brands-and-cities – we dig into the opportunity for more creative collaborations across the whole ecosystem of policy-funding-design-delivery… Big stuff!

Tune in for Episode 31 of the FreeThinking Podcast & do make sure you subscribe wherever you get yours.



Adam Scott, Founder, FreeState
James Boyce, Founder, Grumpy Sailor


Image: Grumpy Sailor



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