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30: Nigel Coates, Architect & Designer

Nigel Coates with Adam Scott
11:52:04 14 October 2022
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Today on the FreeThinking Podcast we have architect, designer, artist, teacher and conductor of urban narratives – Nigel Coates!


We discuss the power of drawings and how they are tools for catalysing experiences. We “mesh and weave” the components of his many projects, from design influences to mythology to raw materials. We talk about giants – a magical allegory for the spirit of cities.


And we discuss his new book ‘Lives in Architecture’! We’ve added the link in the comments if you want to take a look.


A joyous conversation that flows like one of his x-ray drawings!


Tune in for Episode 30 of the FreeThinking Podcast & do make sure you subscribe wherever you get yours.



Adam Scott, Founder, FreeState
Nigel Coates, Architect & Designer


Image: Sketches for the interior of Caffè Bongo in Tokyo by Nigel Coates.



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