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23: Will Chamberlain, Creative Wick & the Cultural Interest Group

Will Chamberlain with Adam Scott
3:59:13 16 June 2022
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Today on the FreeThinking Podcast we have stellar connector Will Chamberlain, founder of Creative Wick and the Cultural Interest Group in London, UK.


Will tells us about how he and a growing network are establishing a permanent sustainable creative community in East London’s Hackney Wick and Fish Island – and particularly how creative activism and the sharing economy can advance the arts and culture in the face of rabid commercialism.


Will speaks to us ahead of the School of Activism Forum; a day of presentations, workshops, talks and debate about youth-centred neighbourhood activism, run by Creative Wick. He is a key figure in the development of Hackney Wick and Fish Island and a catalyst for art and culture for future generations of East London communities.


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Adam Scott, Founder, FreeState
William Chamberlain, Creative Wick


Image credit: Samuel Regan Asante





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