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21: Simon Pitkeathley, The Camden Highline

Simon Pitkeathley with Adam Scott
3:30:15 28 April 2022
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Today on The FreeThinking Podcast we have Simon Pitkeathley; CEO of The Camden Collective – The Business Improvement District for Camden Town – and facilitator of all manner of good works, most notably The Camden Highline.


The Camden Highline is London’s newest park in the sky, running between Camden Town and King’s Cross. Repurposing disused railways, linking the east and west region while providing green space to over 20,000 people, Simon highlights how the ‘Highline is a connector and generator of community. It does this not only for people, but for local business as well – expanding the use, value and purpose of public space. A wonderful project not to be missed.


All aboard for Episode 21 of the FreeThinking Podcast & do make sure you subscribe wherever you get yours!



Adam Scott, Founder, FreeState
Simon Pitkeathley, The Camden Highline


Image credit: Clem Onojeghuo





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