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19: Penny Cameron, Stanhope PLC

Penny Cameron with Adam Scott
6:15:50 10 March 2022
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Today on The FreeThinking Podcast we have Penny Cameron – Development Director at Stanhope plc – and a key player in the Visioning, Designing and Activating of their far-reaching White City Campus in West London.


White City Place is a new frontier in development that took a people-first approach, amplifying what already existed. Penny talks with us about creating a village – blending the established global brands with the emerging voices – and how “you can see yourself living in it” has both literal and figurative importance. She proves that bringing life to a space requires more than just building apartments; you must design with time and ensure relevance, building something that lasts.


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Adam Scott, Founder, FreeState
Penny Cameron, Stanhope PLC


Image credit: Stanhope PLC





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