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12: Tom Dyckhoff, historian, writer, broadcaster and educator

Tom Dyckhoff with Adam Scott
6:16:14 13 October 2021
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Today we spoke with Historian, Writer, Broadcaster and Educator Tom Dyckhoff about the rise and fall of the late capitalist city – the rub of super-gentrification versus creative-anarchism as an engine for innovation – and building communities where we can all find our ‘ledge’.

Tom is a master in the architecture space and has a CV overflowing with experience in top design institutions, including writing for The Architects Journal, teaching at University College London and being a committee member for The Twentieth Century Society, just to scratch the surface. We can’t wait to share his innovative ideas with you.

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Adam Scott, Founder, FreeState
Tom Dyckhoff, Historian, Writer, Broadcaster and Educator





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