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Ballet for the insane

Dave Waddell and Adam Scott
8:28:08 13 May 2024
48°00′28″N 0°11′54″E


The dance kicks in as I decelerate into the first corner. Space opens up. Objects float by. Nothing surprises. I forget that the bike is not me or that I’m here against the doctors’ orders. The world tilts one way, and then the other. The forces that hold it in place are my precise and careless friends. I exit the corner. I open up into the straight. I’m exactly where I need to be. This place of short relationships and no children is my theatre, the track my stage, and I am in a long and beautiful dance with death. It’s a ballet for the wonderfully insane.


The French Motorcycle Grand Prix takes place in May at Le Mans on the Bugatti Circuit. Just over four kilometres long, it allows for a maximum speed of 310 km / hr.   


Images: Teaser Matthieu Pelletier, Masthead Box Repsol



52 Cities

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