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25: Sophie Travers, Collingwood Yards

Sophie Travers with Adam Scott
11:04:58 26 July 2022
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In May, Adam was in Melbourne and fortunate enough to visit a major new ‘contemporary arts incubator’ called Collingwood Yards… A veritable melting pot of community creativity, a place that exudes openness and dynamism with every step!


We are overjoyed to be joined by Sophie Travers – CEO of Collingwood Yards – who is going to tell us all about it. She speaks with us about how Collingwood Yards is led by their tenants, artists and community and how that creates a unique space with a rich overlap of activities and people. We learn about the beginnings of Collingwood Yards and glimpse in to its future, understanding their function and desire to be a space that is full of life and open for all.


Join us for Episode 25 of the FreeThinking Podcast & do make sure you subscribe wherever you get yours!



Adam Scott, Founder, FreeState
Sophie Travers, CEO, Collingwood Yards


Image: Collingwood Yards Open Day 2021, by Natalie Jurrjens




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