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18: James Scroggs and Christy Traore, New Working Class

James Scroggs and Christy Traore with Adam Scott
7:08:45 16 February 2022
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Today on the podcast we have Christy Traore and James Scroggs – Founders of New Working Class – the worker/learner college that both transforms lives AND re-ignites high streets.


Christy and James talk us through how NWC works hand-in-hand with the community to blend educational and professional spaces, transforming learner-to-worker and worker-to-learner. They’re embarking on a ground-breaking idea that will redefine the High St and ‘festivalise’ the student campus for generations to come.


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Adam Scott, Founder, FreeState
James Scroggs, New Working Class
Christy Traore, New Working Class


Image credit: Tim Mossholder




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